Adjustable Upper Back Posture Corrector & Shoulder Support

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This Back Support is a shoulder posture correction belt. Made from high quality material, which is soft, breathable and comfortable to wear. It can help you correct poor posture and stand straighter to make you look confident and stop slouching. 

  • The Back Brace Belt is made from high quality material, which is soft, breathable, comfortable to wear and environmental friendly.
  • Has a Figure 8 shaped design which provides uniform strength from front to back and keeps The Back Brace Belt in a suitable position.
  • Provides support for your shoulders, which helps to prevent humpbacks and curvatures of the spine, corrects poor postures, and keeps a correct sitting posture, standing posture, or walking posture.
  • Easy to wear, the hook and loop on the belt means you can adjust the tension freely.
  • Is suitable for people who have poor postures, shoulder pain, and/or back pain (which may be caused by working in prolonged positions such as standing or sitting for a long time or working in positions that may break down your posture).

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Posture Correction Belt
Gender: Womens
Material: Padded Velvet


This brace is adjustable but for a more optimal fit, see size chart below