Space Cotton Neck Pillow Support

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After hours of travelling, it’s normal to feel tired, especially when you arrive at your destination. It is an ideal sleeping aid while you’re on airplane, or when you’re traveling by car and train for hours; the best choice that taking with you on family vacation or business travel.
Car headrest is designed to give your support for neck and head, and maintain your proper posture.
Breathable pillow: 3D breathable mesh cloth are good for ventilation, keep it hygienic always.
High elastic strap with hook-and-loop fastener, can be fixed on the car seat tightly.
Filled with soft memory foam, it is comfortable to rest on it for a long time.
You can fix it on the seat with strap provided. Special zipper design on the back makes it convenient to dismantle and clean the cover.
Multi-functional use: rest your neck, head, waist on it while driving, or take a nap on it in the noon.
According to body weight, supporting the design of head and neck back curve automatic adjustment
Supporting the head,relieve the stress,correct posture ,reduce the impact
To Provide a full range of comfortable support for the head,release the pressure of the cervical effectively.
User-friendly design,natural fit,make your head to get comprehensive car.
Good gift for yourself,your family or friend.

Adopting high quality cushion material,good moisture absorption,heat-resisting
Make your driving life more comfortable and safer
Its compact design makes it ideal to take everywhere
Memory foam shaped to your body and retained heat to alleviate tension muscles.
Machine-washable plush velour cover.

Size: 39cm X 33cm x 16.5cm
Material: honeycomb silk net, 3D breathable fiber

Package included:
1 x Space Cotton Neck Pillow